Introducing Rabbit Cold Brew Coffee!

Rabbit Roasting Company

a craft coffee roasting company, based in West Palm Beach, FL, dedicated to seasonally sourcing the world’s finest micro-lot coffee beans. From bean to bottle, everything Rabbit Coffee does is with great thought and consideration for bringing the complex flavors of their coffee to the discerning coffee drinker.

Rabbit’s roasters have worked tirelessly to develop the ideal roast profile for each of their single origin coffees. Each small batch is roasted by hand to peak sweetness highlighting each coffees’ most positive characteristics. Rabbit Cold Brew is made from Fair Trade Organic single origin coffee beans. Once roasted, the beans are added to cold water in a wine barrel, where they steep in a refrigerated room for over 18 hours. After reaching ideal taste, the cold brew is infused with nitrogen and bottled, without adding any water or flavoring. This process makes Rabbit Cold Brew smooth and intensely rich, with a hint of natural sweetness and low acidity. Each 8oz bottle contains more than 40mg of caffeine per ounce. Rabbit Cold Brew is delicious sipped directly from the bottle, over ice, or make Rabbit your own by adding flavoring, dairy, spirits or water.

Green Earth Cold Brew Coffee Products and Services

In collaboration with Rabbit Coffee Roasting, Green Earth Beverage is now delivering Rabbit Cold Brew Coffee. This is all organic, nitrogen infused cold brew, made in South Florida from all single origin and hand roasted coffee. 

Our serving platform consists of Rabbit Cold Brew on tap and bottle.